Meet one of Hollywood’s most realist ladies of all time……… 

Meet one of Hollywood’s most realist ladies of all time………meet & greet aug 20

I had the pleasure to meet Ms Vivica Fox a couple of times and I must say it was just so chilled. it like hanging out with own of your very own good good girlfriend.  She is so laid back and a straight shooter which I love, in a friend. She is really some one that “say’s it like you mean it,”LOL IMG3

Vivica Fox Meet and Greets are just totally amazing, she get so personal with everyone, taking to each person with just about any subject, but if you know some trivia fact about Ms. Vivica you could walk home with some great hair from her Vivica Fox Hair Collection. Or just get a picture with her it that’s your twist.

“Let’s take a picture”

Our last meet and greet in Philadelphia, it  was such a big success and we just had to do it again with our friends at Beauty Exchange in Orlando. Check us out in Philadelphia. And Meet with us this Friday in Orlando.

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