Hair Makeover On TODAY Goes From Right to Wrong!

Black Girl Hair is MAGIC!

Why Black women just can’t go to anyone to do there hair.  Many hair professional may be awesome at doing different hairstyles and working on many different hair textures. After what happen on the Today Show with Beauty Expert Deepica Mutyala. I agree more and more with what my mother always told me ” when you find a good hairstylist you stick with them” and “tip well.” I have always admired the hair profession, what people are able to create with hair is amazing.

today-natural-hair-makeover-e1470403913210-640x329But when watching the Today show, where hair professional Mutyala attempted to show us some easy summer how to’s styles on women of different ethnicities and hair textures in a min or less.

Well I can’t say any of the styles were particularly impressive, the styling of the black model’s hair was no doubt the least impressive. When asked about the styling of the hair, Mutyala replied:

“It’s actually not that trendy to be perfect.” For who??? Majority of women I know like to be on trend and if not they try to keep their hair maintain with styles that look clean and neat.

The insane thing is the model actually had a cute style to start, only to have it horrifically ‘made over’.  Take a look for yourself: Here’s the official video from The Today Show. 


While we commend and respect the the TODAY show for their diversity in selecting the models for this segment, it’s clear Mutyala’s beauty expertise does not extend to the styling of black women’s hair. It was pretty evident that this is something we see often in particular industries when it come to styling black women.

What are your thoughts?



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