5 Tips to Protect Your While Swimming

beachballWith summer on it’s way, so follows the long awaited bathing suit season. Don’t let water damaged hair be the “mane” attraction! Chlorine, salt, heat and water can cause tremendous strain on your hair if it’s not properly managed. Here are 5 ways to protect your hair while swimming:

1. Wet your hair before swimming! Dampening your hair before swimming will lessen the opportunity for salt, chlorine and other chemicals from soaking into your hair.

 2. Condition with Coconut Oil -A little bit of coconut oil goes a long way! It makes it easier to get a swim cap on and off and helps your hair dry faster and reduces the damage and smell from chlorine in pool water. A table spoon or two should do the trick! Allergic to coconuts? Try another natural oil.

3. Wear a Cap! Find the most fabulous swim cap you can and commit to wearing it! While it may not keep your hair entirely dry, it does help to protect your hair from chlorine and salt.

4. Secure your Hair – Braid it, pin it, whatever you do – tame it under that cap! Hair left wild will surely tangle which could cause breakage.

5. Shampoo/Rinse Afterwards – Always shampoo and or rinse your hair after you’ve left the water. (Salt water, be sure to shampoo) Removing toxins and salt from your hair is a must!

We hope you found these tips helpful!! Stay fabulous and enjoy the summer!


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