Guest Blog Edition: Ember-V “The best wig ever”

After Altering  Most weave lovers have one thing in common. As we discover what fits us, we slowly abandon the wefted hair and substitute it for a wig. Not only are they time savers; wigs are often cheaper and give the desired look with none of the labor. They come in a variety of styles, textures, densities, and hues. On the off chance that we are unable to purchase a wig that will produce our desired look, we will pay for hair to be customized or make the wigs ourselves whether they be half wigs, full wigs, or wigs with a closure. I personally prefer a closure because I can achieve my desired look and make it look natural. Fortunately for me, my first wig was my favorite. Take a look at Ember-V from the Vivica Fox Hair Collection.

Ember-V is a lacefront with 20 inches of gorgeous, layered, loose spiral curls. I honestly wish I took quality pictures of the unit when she arrived because the stock photo does not do her justice. She is also made with high quality Remi Hair. I mean, she is the type of girl that you want to take everywhere. She was a perfect fit, framed my face perfectly and was so easy to style. I’ve had Ember-V since August of 2011 and we’ve had an eventful journey together.

Ember has been good to me since 2011. We’re in 2014 and I still wear her. I feel as if I may never get rid of her, but I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to replace her. I’m thinking of trying Bellagio by the end of the year because she looks promising and I hope she will be just as big a joy to have around.


Ember-lakeside lunch

Wand curls 2 years later


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