TIPS: Caring for Your REMI Hair


Gentle brushing should be a daily habit to keep the hair smooth and healthy. Use of a paddle brush is recommended. Star from the tips of the hair and gently brush the hair gradually moving up until combing all the hair.

Avoid any use of heavy products such as mousse, spray, gel, or cream which can weigh the hair down and cause heavy buildup. Alcohol-free, oil-free, silicon based hair conditioning mist or spray is recommended for occasional uses. Products with alcohol dry out hair and applying too much products will cause residue.


Before going to bed, brush your hair and smooth out any tangles. Gently wrap the hair in satin or silk scarf. Make sure your hair is dry and tangle-free before sleeping.


Before shampooing, gently de-tangle the hair with wide-toothed comb and remove the dirt by brushing with paddle brush. Never pull or tug hair while brushing.

Soak the hair with lukewarm or cold water and gently massage the hair with quality shampoo to release dirt or oil. Use a wide tooth to gently comb to smooth out any folded strands.*Never wrap or rub damp hair in a towel. Applying conditioner is highly recommended. Shampooing once a week is also recommended.


Apply heat with ceramic flat or curling irons only when the hair is completely dry. Spray or apply heat protector before applying heat. Excessive heat may damage and dry out the hair.

Chemically treating hair yourself (ex. dye or perm) is not recommended. Only highly experienced professionals should be responsible for chemical treatments of hair.


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