Guest Blogging Edition: Color, Your Mane Seasonal Must-Have

ImageColor, Your Mane Seasonal Must-Have

The summer sun and warm weather will do wonders for your spirits as well as your mane. To ensure that you bloom and blossom even as the season does I highly recommend color- new season, new locks, new you!

Remember though that colored tresses will require a bit more attention so conditioning at least once a week will keep hair breakage at bay. The rule of thumb being if you are coloring your hair DO NOT in the same siting relax your hair, and vice versa- wait at least 7-10 days.

But who said a girl can’t have it all! If coloring your hair leaves you a bit light headed then colored hair extensions, while trendy, will still ensure that your natural mane goes unscathed.  My Personal go-to-color extensions this season are burgundy wine (#132) for the bold, medium brown (# 30) for the fun loving girl, and all my color shy sisters can step into the lime light with a dark brown (#4).

Elle Magazine was recently quoted saying , “2013 was the year of the tresses,” so regardless of whether you are celebrating summer or saying hello to winter color will be your trend staple. Warm up winter with a dark chocolate mane (#4 ) softened with medium brown hues. I recently saw all three colors #132, #30, and #4 on a single head and was in love! The look was red top heavy and gently cascaded into a decadent threesome hue.

Whatever your color preference this seasonal trend is all about movement; single colored manes are taking a definite back sit.

– Katanekwa Matundwelo

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One thought on “Guest Blogging Edition: Color, Your Mane Seasonal Must-Have

  1. michael says:

    Katanekwa Matundwelo, this is no minor achievement, its a major beginning. Am defiantly watching this space because I know big things are coming. You go buddy.

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