Know Thy Colors…

FS1B/99JEver wonder what the difference is between FS4/30 and P4/30? With all of the varying colors it could be very confusing to pick the right one, especially when purchasing online.

Here is a short guide to common wig and extension colors to help you choose a color that compliments you the best!

Basic Solid Colors:

1 – Jet Black (Dye Black)
1B – Off Black (Natural Black)
2 – Dark Brown
4 – Medium Dark Brown
6 – Chestnut Brown
27 – Light Auburn (Strawberry Blonde)
30 – Medium Brown
33 – Dark Auburn
99J – Dark Burgundy
130 – Copper Red
132 – Bright Burgundy
350 – Copper (Orange Red)
613 – Platinum

Gray Colors:

34 – Fark Brown with 15% Gray
44 – Off Black with 50% Gray
51 – Off Black with 75% Gray
60 – White
280 – Off Black with 10% Gray

FROSTED (FS) – 80% base color frosted with 20% highlight color

PIANO (P) – Chunky, side-by-side Streaks of contrasting colors

TWO TONE (TT) – Top half base color blending to bottom half highlight color

TIPPED (TP) – Dark base tipped with  highlight color ends

Hope this guide helps! Stay Fabulous Divas!!

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