Vivica’s Selection for The Spring!!


Hey there Girlfriends!!

Once again it’s your girl Vivica and I’m back with a brand new selection. My new SANG Limited Virgin Remi is in stores now and it is a must buy! SANG is Virgin hair, meaning it has not been processed at all. You won’t have to worry about shedding or tangling and this hair can be washed as many times as you like.

Another great thing about SANG being virgin hair is that it can be dyed and bleached using regular products that you easily find in stores. Because of the live cuticles, you can bleach this hair to lightest blonde and wouldn’t have to worry about breakage at all!

While there are other Virgin hair products on the market what makes SANG Limited so special is its weft.SANG’s weft is so flat that it leaves your weave virtually undetectable, this you gives comfort when you’re sleeping and it is very easy to sew through. SANG’s weft, FLATNET weft is also hand stitched, strand by strand. This means that you can even cut weft and the hair won’t shed honey!! Lastly, it’s lightweight and very breathable allowing your hair to dry faster after washing. This hair is the ultimate luxury and lasts up to four times longer than any other virgin hair in the market!

I definitely recommend SANG!! Until next time stay fabulous girlfriends!!!



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