Guest Blog Edition: So you are wearing a wig…caring for your hair underneath

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So you are a wig but you don’t know what to do with your hair underneath!! Here are a few  things to keep in mind when wearing wigs to prevent damage to your real hair.

The Importance of Braiding Braid your real hair to prevent too much manipulation while you are wearing a wig. Most people cornrow their hair or wear plaits. The style you were is really up to you and the type of wig you are wearing. When I’m wearing full wigs or curly wigs I can wear my hair in two French braids. However, if I am wearing short or straight wigs, I have to cornrow my hair for the wig to lay properly.

Moisturizing  Moisturize and seal your hair. It is important to continue to this even if you are keeping your hair tucked away. If you do not take care of your hair will ultimately dry out and cause breakage.  When wearing cornrows, I prefer a spray moisturizer to prevent disturbing braids. You can make your own spray or purchase one from your local beauty supply store. I make my own spray that also includes and oil. Be sure to let your hair dry after moisturizing or shampooing. When you moisturize, wait about 10 minutes. When shampooing allow your hair to completely air dry. This will prevent your hair from matting along with prevent any type of mildew or other odors. These odors can become trapped in your wig and are difficult to wash out.

Protective Coverage When wearing your wig, cover your hair with a satin scarf, durag, or mesh cap. I use all of these depending on the wig style I am wearing. Please stay away from nylon wig caps as they tend to dry hair and cause breakage. If you wear your wig daily and more than just a couple of hours, I suggest removing the combs to protect your edges.  A number of ladies remove the front combs of their wigs and secure them with bobby pins. I personally don’t remove the combs because I normally do not wear my wig daily or for long periods of time.  I also make sure my braids are not tight and my edges are very well moisturized.

Long-term Wear If you are planning on keeping your hair braided and wearing wigs long term, be sure to continue to care for your hair as though you were wearing it out. That means in addition to moisturizing your hair, keep your scalp clean and healthy. You can still shampoo your hair while it’s under a wig. (I will discuss shampoo in braids at a later time). Also, be sure to deep condition your braids or plaits. You want your hair to be as healthy as possible. Wearing a wig is no excuse to neglect your real hair. I would suggest at least once per week shampooing and deep conditioning your hair.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Just these basic things will keep your hair healthy and prevent a setback. Thanks for reading.

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