Emails: Intrigue Remi Clip-In Extensions

We found this fabulous email in our inbox...

I do not normally reach out to celebrities, but I had to congratulate Ms. Vivica Fox on her years of success. I truly admire her for she exemplifies class!

Vivica, if you are reading this, I tried your some of your hair lines and your hair quality is among the best…in fact THE best. Due to my hair thinning problems because of my hypothyroidism condition, I have been wearing your Intrigue Virgin Remi clip ins. I love how it blends and integrates with my own hair. I feel sexy and it looks as if the hair is perfect for concealing my hair thinning problems.  Thank you!!

I would love if you could have the Intrige Virgin Remi clip in hair come in longer lengths, in a 16 or 18 inch – then I would really feel like a DIVA!!

Thank you again. I hope you find success & happiness in every corner of your world…. for you are exceptional!!




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