TIPS: Styling your wig

Ever wonder why your wig may look different than the one in the picture or on the mannequin…? Well you may not be styling the wig like you should. Some wigs require a little “finger-combing” or “fluffing” when they come right out of the package. No worries though! Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be stylin’ and profilin’ in no time!


  1. After taking your wig out of the package, give it a shake to loosen up the fibers.
  2. Make sure to wear a wig cap so that your wig will stay in place. This also helps to prevent breakage from wear.
  3. For curly and ringlet styles, finger comb the hair to add volume and bounce. Separate the curls with your fingers and begin to bring them to the front. This will help the wig look more natural and will frame your face as well.
  4. For wavier styles with loose curls, brush lightly with a wig styling brush or finger comb.
  5. For straight styles, gently brush with a wig styling from the crown to the ends for a sleek look.
  6. After each wearing, be sure to finger comb or brush out any tangles.
  7. Place your wig on a wig stand/mannequin
  8. Never expose your wig to heat unless clearly stated on packaging, i.e. New Futura and Human Hair wigs.

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