Beauty Mecca SMARTWeft Show

Were you in Savannah for out SMARTWeft show at Beauty Mecca? We had a blast! Guest were able to meet Vivica A. Fox, learn about our NEW SMARTWeft and win giveaways and prizes! Stay tuned for our next event!IMG_0099 IMG_0104 IMG_0087 IMG_0074 IMG_0064 IMG_0052 IMG_0034 IMG_0042

Calling All Stylists: Meet Vivica A. Fox IN PERSON!!!!

Save Date

Calling All Stylists!

Join us for an evening of fun and education as we present….

Styled to Slay

SmartWeft Launch Party and Seminar

Sunday, March 8th

The Crystal Tea Room

Featuring Special Guests:

Vivica A. Fox

Miss Lawrence
Of Bravo’s Fashion Queens
& Real Housewives of Atlanta

With Sounds By: DJ Kyra Chaos

Hosted by: Mina Say What of Power 99’s Rise N’ Grind Morning Show.

Enjoy- Complimentary Cocktails, Gourmet Fare, Give-A-Ways, Celebrity Meet and Greets

Dancing, Pop-Up Shops and A Winner Take All Stylist Competition.
Dress to Impress.  Dress is Upsacle and Fashionable. 

We’re Wild about Purple!!

Get ready for some NEW HUES from the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection!! Right on trend, we’ve added two stunning shades of purple to our ever evolving color palette!! Are you daring enough to try them?!



We wanted to wish a Happy 50th Birthday to our FAVORITE Diva!!!HappyBday

Guest Blog Edition: Ember-V “The best wig ever”

After Altering  Most weave lovers have one thing in common. As we discover what fits us, we slowly abandon the wefted hair and substitute it for a wig. Not only are they time savers; wigs are often cheaper and give the desired look with none of the labor. They come in a variety of styles, textures, densities, and hues. On the off chance that we are unable to purchase a wig that will produce our desired look, we will pay for hair to be customized or make the wigs ourselves whether they be half wigs, full wigs, or wigs with a closure. I personally prefer a closure because I can achieve my desired look and make it look natural. Fortunately for me, my first wig was my favorite. Take a look at Ember-V from the Vivica Fox Hair Collection.

Ember-V is a lacefront with 20 inches of gorgeous, layered, loose spiral curls. I honestly wish I took quality pictures of the unit when she arrived because the stock photo does not do her justice. She is also made with high quality Remi Hair. I mean, she is the type of girl that you want to take everywhere. She was a perfect fit, framed my face perfectly and was so easy to style. I’ve had Ember-V since August of 2011 and we’ve had an eventful journey together.

Ember has been good to me since 2011. We’re in 2014 and I still wear her. I feel as if I may never get rid of her, but I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to replace her. I’m thinking of trying Bellagio by the end of the year because she looks promising and I hope she will be just as big a joy to have around.


Ember-lakeside lunch

Wand curls 2 years later

Trend Watch: Lace Closures

Lace Front Closure from the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection

Lace Front Closure from the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection

Trend Watch! Are you looking for more options for protective styling? Is your hair breaking off because of excessive heat and over-processed “leave-out”? The latest and newest trend to hit the hair industry, Lace Closures! Lace Closures allow you to conceal your natural hair line while giving you the illusion of a part. Lace parts can come with a middle part, a side part, a free part, a three-way part or like the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection’s Lace Closure, and invisible lace part that can be worn with lace or cut to look more natural. While there are several different types of parting styles, there are two types of lace closures.


Lace Closure:

Lace closures can come in a variety of hair fibers  – from synthetic to medium grade virgin hair. Lace closures come in a variety of price points. It has a lace mesh that Hairs are then individually woven through the silk fabric and secured directly through the lace. This allows the scalp to be seen through the illusion of a part.

Silk Closure:

A silk lace closure it typically more expensive than the lace closure because it is lined with Swiss lace. It is also usually constructed with high grade Virgin hair. It has 2 layers – Swiss lace and then a silk fabric on top. Hairs are individually woven through the silk fabric and secured under the lace and knotted. They knots are then bleached to give the appearance of natural scalp.

Whatever your preference, if you’re looking for a great protective style (protecting your natural hair from heat and over-processing) Lace Closures are the way to go! Try that new ombre color you’ve seen on your favorite celebrity, spice up your style with a bang, rocky wavy tresses without worrying about blending your natural hair! The possibilities are endless with closures and with the summer and it’s humid temperatures coming, your hair line with thank you!!!

Vivica’s Winter Selection

ImageHey there Divas –
The winter season is now here and it’s time for my Winter Selection! This winter I want to put the spotlight on my Human Hair Pure Stretch Cap Collection.
With frigid temperatures and extreme weather, you don’t want your style to miss a beat with limp and frizzy curls. Made from 100% Human Hair, these wigs can be styled several ways  and washed for extensive wear. Change up your look as often as you like.
In addition to style versatility, my Pure Stretch Cap is like no other! It can be adjusted to give you the perfect fit and all day comfort.You’ll forget you’re wearing a wig!
Don’t let the cold keep you from being fabulous. Keep your look low maintenance this winter with my Human Hair Pure Stretch Cap Collection. Till next time…
Peace and Love

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