Meet one of Hollywood’s most realist ladies of all time……… 

Meet one of Hollywood’s most realist ladies of all time………meet & greet aug 20

I had the pleasure to meet Ms Vivica Fox a couple of times and I must say it was just so chilled. it like hanging out with own of your very own good good girlfriend.  She is so laid back and a straight shooter which I love, in a friend. She is really some one that “say’s it like you mean it,”LOL IMG3

Vivica Fox Meet and Greets are just totally amazing, she get so personal with everyone, taking to each person with just about any subject, but if you know some trivia fact about Ms. Vivica you could walk home with some great hair from her Vivica Fox Hair Collection. Or just get a picture with her it that’s your twist.

“Let’s take a picture”

Our last meet and greet in Philadelphia, it  was such a big success and we just had to do it again with our friends at Beauty Exchange in Orlando. Check us out in Philadelphia. And Meet with us this Friday in Orlando.

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Hair Makeover On TODAY Goes From Right to Wrong!

Black Girl Hair is MAGIC!

Why Black women just can’t go to anyone to do there hair.  Many hair professional may be awesome at doing different hairstyles and working on many different hair textures. After what happen on the Today Show with Beauty Expert Deepica Mutyala. I agree more and more with what my mother always told me ” when you find a good hairstylist you stick with them” and “tip well.” I have always admired the hair profession, what people are able to create with hair is amazing.

today-natural-hair-makeover-e1470403913210-640x329But when watching the Today show, where hair professional Mutyala attempted to show us some easy summer how to’s styles on women of different ethnicities and hair textures in a min or less.

Well I can’t say any of the styles were particularly impressive, the styling of the black model’s hair was no doubt the least impressive. When asked about the styling of the hair, Mutyala replied:

“It’s actually not that trendy to be perfect.” For who??? Majority of women I know like to be on trend and if not they try to keep their hair maintain with styles that look clean and neat.

The insane thing is the model actually had a cute style to start, only to have it horrifically ‘made over’.  Take a look for yourself: Here’s the official video from The Today Show. 


While we commend and respect the the TODAY show for their diversity in selecting the models for this segment, it’s clear Mutyala’s beauty expertise does not extend to the styling of black women’s hair. It was pretty evident that this is something we see often in particular industries when it come to styling black women.

What are your thoughts?


#Be Bold Be You



If you are not already doing the Vivica Fox hair challenge, then what are you waiting for. We at Vivica Fox Hair Collection are on a mission this summer  to help encourage African American women to love their hair, natural, wigs, weaves, short, long, thick or curly. We want all women of all hair types to know that no matter what our hair is beautiful.

Join the challenge  on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and tag other women to join in. Randomly we will choose different women each week who will be featured on our blog and social media as hair beauty of the week .




Supporting The Community.

As the media coordinator for Vivica Fox Hair Collection, I had the honor to meet some of the most loving, and ineradicable ladies ever. This July I was able to attend the Pampered & PINK  beauty bash that provides uplifting and major support  to women who are dealing with cancer. Vivica Fox Hair was able to donate cornrow caps which are designed for cancer patients, and people dealing with hair shortage or hair loss. Our cornrow cap allows people to have more versatility with different hairstyles. As well as wig for many of the women in attendance.

Throughout the course of the event I was able to meet and speak with many of the patients and hear their stories and how thankful they where for companies like Vivica Fox Hair. It was such a humbling experience and I want to thank Pampered and PINK for having such a wonderful event.

Want to know more about Pampered and PINK go to their website:


The Cornrow Cap is finally HERE!!

The Cornrow Cap is finally here!! A braided cap for protective styling! It has FOUR versions for your various style needs! 1. Elastic Band (in stores now) 2. Silicone Tape (coming soon) 3. Combs (coming soon) 4. Lace part (coming soon)

The Cornrow cap is great for weaving, crochet braids, and wigs!!! Also excellent for people suffering from hair loss!

Visit HERE for a list of stores near you!


Contest Time!!!

Want to win some fabulous prizes from the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection? You’re in luck! It’s CONTEST TIME!!

Here’s how it works: Email a fab photo of yourself. We’ll add it our Facebook Fan Page in the “Vivica’s SMARTWeft Contest Album”. Invite your friends to like your photo. Top 4 pics with the most “Likes” wins! It’s that simple!!

Head on over to to join in on the fun!